Mar 23, 2011

Insurance circle

Although we are staying with the same company we are moving to the international team, which means after 11 years we will have a different insurance company.

Our previous insurance company required us to get online perscriptions.  I called our contact at the company and asked what our new insurance did and what we needed to do to get our perscriptions.  She did not know & referred me to call our new insurance agent.  The new insurance agent did not know but referred me to call their home delivery pharmacy.  I called the home delivery pharmacy & was told we had to call the doctor, get them to write new perscriptions & mail them in.  The catch - they can only deliver to a US address.  I said "I think that might be a problem since we are moving to London". 

Oh the fun I'm having!

Mar 2, 2011

Waikiki, Oahu

We arrived at the Sheraton at 7:00 pm on Friday night.  We had reserved 2 double beds 9 months ago, upon checking in we were told the hotel was sold out & they only had a king size bed (for 4 people) but they would give us a roll away at no charge.  Oh yeah - I get to sleep with a 6 year old who kicks me all night, can't wait!

It's late - we haven't showered or eaten, so I thought I would order room service.  They said it would take 30 minutes.... 60 minutes later our food arrives - COLD, with service for 2 not 4 (only 2 drinks, 2 utensils, 2 napkins etc..)

We go to bed, only to be woke up by light shining in our room at 6:00 am, since the curtains don't shut all the way.  Well - we are in Hawaii, so we are still rolling with things.  After a while - we head to the pool area (there are 2 pools), only to find out that HP (Hewlett Packard) is having a conference & has reserved 1 whole pool/chairs etc..  and that the Hilton Hawaiian also shares the remaining pool.  Knowing pool chairs are going to be in short supply we grab 2 under an umbrella - my excitement at finding an open umbrella was short lived when the staff decided to come & take the umbrella so the staff who was watching kids on the slide could have shade.

On the flip side - Waikiki beach was beautiful!  John & the girls took surf lessons and had a blast.  The waves are small, the water is shallow (no sharks :) and it's one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen.    Right outside our hotel were great restaurants & awesome shopping.  Hotel aside - I loved it & can't wait to go back - I'll stay at a different hotel of coarse :)