Jan 30, 2011

County dumps & Craigslist

This past week I learned that getting your house ready to sell and move is a lot like losing those last 10 pounds.  Somehow, slowly over time you put them on one at a time, not noticing until all of a sudden one day your pants don't fit.  You don't realize until you've lost them how much lighter and better you feel.  It was like that as I went through each room, remembering where I might have obtained a certain item but not knowing how they had managed to have piled up.  Like those pounds, it was arduous work.  I had to be dedicated to parting with what had become part of me.  I had to commit and follow through, but once I did, it was worth it.  As I stood over the edge of the hole I could not see the bottom of and hurled the broken, used and useless items I had accumulated over the years, I suddenly felt lighter and happier and glad that I had done the hard work.  The only question that remains is, "what was the nasty, smelly, puddle of "stuff" we were standing in?".  For those items that had retained some worth but had outlived their usefulness to me, I embarked on my new favorite pastime.  CraigsList.  Odd how utterly intoxicating it feels to have people give you cold hard cash for your used stuff.  Albeit, a small percentage of the value you originally paid, the satisfaction, priceless.   I have to be careful though, as my girls are pretty observant and may start to notice their bedroom furniture missing!


  1. Okay-that was a great post but I am seriously tearing up! I am gonna miss you and have to come visit you :)

  2. Arghh... so I guess this REALLY is happening... Bummer!!! :(

  3. We will know for sure it is happeing when you look up and see Porsche flying over the states and landing in South Carolina...