Aug 8, 2011


I grew up watching the Wizard of Oz.  My sister loved it & every year, no matter what - we had to watch it.  When I found out Wicked was playing at the theater in London - I knew I had to go.  The big night arrives & I spend an hour doing my hair & changing my clothes. I was very excited, it was my 1st trip to the London theater. We get there about 15 minutes early & decide to get a drink from the bar.  As we are waiting in a crazy long line, I'm looking at all the bottles lined up on the shelf.  Everything is elegant & classy - then as I get closer I see something amazing..........a slush puppy machine!  For all of you who knew me as a kid - I loved slush puppies.  One summer they had a promotion, for every slush puppy you drank you got a paw print & with so many paw prints you could get a shirt. By the end of the summer - my friend, my cousin & my sisters all proudly wore our slush puppy shirts. So - there I stand 25 years later, all dressed up in the London theater - sipping my strawberry slush puppy. We had fantastic seats - middle section, towards the front.  The show starts & I have no idea what to expect - oh my word.............the music, the costumes, the singing & dancing...all amazing!  They showed you how the tin man, the scarecrow & the cowardly lion all came to be and I absolutely loved that the wicked witch of the west ......wait for it.......wasn't really wicked!    That's right folks - everything we believed about her was just a misconception :)  All in all - it was a fantastic evening that I won't soon forget.

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