Jul 24, 2011

8 lane highways

I'm driving down the M25 today (that's a 8 lane divided highway), when my car starts gradually slowing down until it comes to a complete stop.  Thankfully, I was able to pull it over to the side of the road.  I try to turn the car over & it does nothing. I can't believe it - I just bought a new car & it's a lemon. I'm really frustrated - then I notice the gas gage looks really low.  Now I'm thinking, please please let my car be a lemon.  How could I forget to check the gas gage - dumb dumb dumb, I remember my Dad teaching me how to drive  - seat belt, mirrors, gages (argh).  Okay - I start frantically searching my purse, hoping that I brought my cell phone with me (I tend to forget it alot).  The joy of finding my phone is short lived as I notice I am almost out of battery.  What to do - What to do..........I don't know where I am exactly. I don't know anyone. I don't even know if they have a 911 equivilant. My girls are in the back seat & Lauren is getting really upset. hmm - I could do a search on my phone for a tow truck company but then I might run out of power before I can make the call....hmmm what to do what to do.  John is on an airplane...hmmmm, I'm searching my phone to see if there is anyone I could call.  I come across Victor's name/number. Victor is a driver for a car service that drove me to Wimbledon last month.  With no other options, I called Victor - he answered on the 1st ring, remembered me & figured out where I was.  He showed up about an hour later - boy was I happy to see him. He brought gas for the car & water for the girls.  Then he followed us to make sure we got home okay.  Sorry Dad for forgetting one of the golden rules to always check the gages.  Sorry girls for making you sit on the side of a highway for an hour.  Sorry John for the huge tip your going to have to give Victor.  Thank you Thank you Victor - for coming to our rescue!  

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