Jun 25, 2011

Hard Rock Calling 2011

Hard Rock Calling is a big music festival at Hyde Park in London. It's a 3 day event with about 50 different bands - the Kills, the Killers, Bon Jovi, Rod Stewart, Stevie Nicks, Mike & the Mechanics, Bare Naked Ladies, Kaiser Chiefs to name a few. 
I wanted to see Bon Jovi - he was supposed to start at 7:15 pm.  We left the house at 5:20 pm - thinking we would have plenty of time but due to unforseen circumstances we were running late.  Thankfully, there was someone waiting at the gate with our tickets & VIP badges.  Someone who was large & tall - who in his former years was a bouncer!  Why was I thankful - because there were 65,000 fans already in the park and we had to weave thru them to get to the front.  This was my 1st real concert & my 1st thought was this is not for the meek or clausterphobic :)  We finally make it to the barricade and he says we get to go infront of the barricade - 65,000 people smashed like sardines & we get to be in our own section right in front with a few hundres people (very cool).  Then he continues to take us behind stage - where the have the vip station set up.  Okay - this was amazing.  They have an outside bar, tables & chairs and a huge screen - so you can relax & watch the show.  They have a tent - when you walk in, it looks like anything but a tent - there are tables & a bar & a stage (where the kills had just performed a private show), the have food & desserts & tv's and chandeliers.  We hadn't eaten all day - so we sat down & ordered (everything is on the house).  I look up & we are sitting next to the kills on one side & the local band that opend for bon jovi are 2 tables over (super cool).  I decided to go to the bathroom - yes, you guessed it.....private bathrooms - clean, they flush, there is a sink & a mirror.  Do you need more - they have a spa area where you can go & get a massage (free).  you can get your picture taken (free)  They gave out t-shirts & bandana's (free).  Okay - so after all of that we finally go out to see Bon Jovi.  It was crazy fun - a sea of people singing together, jumping up & down. The energy is contagious & before you know it I'm singing & jumping & having a fantastic time.  They went 3 hours straight - their words were "we are going to play until the police drag us off".   It was an amazing show & I had a brilliant time!  I can't wait to do it again :)

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  1. Ok, now you are just rubbing it in! Wimbledon and a concert!!!!!! Very cool!!