Jun 24, 2011

Wimbledon 2011

I've never been to Wimbledon or any professional tennis match for that matter. I was excited but had no idea what to expect.  The event we were attending was being held at a home directly across from the Wimbledon gate. Stan Smith & John Loyd (past winners) were their to greet us & give us their insight about the upcoming matches.  After a fabulous brunch, we walked over to the park - it was spotless & beautiful.  There were purple & green flowers every where (wimbledon colors).  The Queen was there but I didn't run into her :)  We had tickets to court 1 - currently playing was Anderson & Djokovic.  The energy & excitment of the crowd was tangible - it only took a few minutes before I was totally hooked!  Djokovic is a very fun player to watch.  In basketball we'd say he was scrappy.  He literally goes for everything - twisting & throwing his body.  I didn't want it to end! Day two -we had tickets for Center court.  It was bigger & more impressive than court 1 but not nearly as intimate. I got to see Roddick & Lopez play.  I was routing for Roddick (being American & all) but I have to say - I was not impressed.  He has a terrible attitude and by the 2nd set - I was routing for Lopez (who was giving everything he had & wiping the court with Roddick). This is one sport where being there in person makes a huge difference. If you get a chance to go - I would highly reccomend it. I had a brilliant time and can't wait to go back next year!

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