Jun 19, 2011

1st train ride into London!

There is a train station right across the street from my neighborhood.  We (myself, my husband & 2 daughters) decided to ride into London & visit the aquarium. Tickets were very easy to buy. Train was on time.  It was pretty full but after walking a bit we found 4 seats together.  There was trash all over the floor - evidently someone had a party the previous night & forgot to toss out their empty champagne bottles & snack wrappers.  We got off at the Waterloo East stop - it was fun, I've never been in a train station before.  There were people, trains & shops every where. The London Eye & the SeaLife Aquarium are both right down by the water front.  It was a short walk from the train station.  Once there - we took pictures of the bridge, eye, big ben etc...  The line to the aquarium was quite long unless you had bought tickets online (which we hadn't), so we jumped in line & enjoyed the sun.  Then the sun went away & it started raining - now let me tell you, this isn't Seattle misty rain.  I'm talking real rain.  I had 2 umbrellas for us to share, unfortunately one had broke.  By the time I got coats on everyone & the umbrellas out - I was soaked.  I was standing there with wet, wind blown hair. Water running down my sunglasses, holding a floral umbrella that was floppy on one side.  I look up & my husband is just laughing - he takes out his camera & takes a photo. Thanks honey! The aquarium itself was pretty standard with the exception of the penguins.  I've never been to an aquarium that had penquins before -very cool.  I would like to go back during feeding time, I bet that would be even better.  We pretty much closed the aquarium down & headed back to the train.  We grabbed sandwiches from one of the vendors - ham & fresh mozzarella on a baguette, super yummy.  I sat on the train - my shoes squishy with water, eating my fabulous sandwich, thinking I couldn't of had a better day out with my family :)


  1. Ah...the fun of public transportation. Where are the pictures?

  2. I can just imagine you stepping on the train and seeing all the garbage :) It sounded like a great family day though and I want you to post the pic John took!