Nov 25, 2011

Borough Markets

My 1st gastro tour - I wasn't sure what to expect.  Celia Brown was our tour guide.  She's been on tv & wrote her own cookbook.  She now has her own company, taking folks on tours of the markets around London.  Since the vendors know her & she brings them business - they are very kind to her.  We got private tastings, discounts & a little back story about the food we were trying.  I picked the Borough Market - it was started in the 13th century.  The London bridge was the only way to get over the Thames to get into the city of London, so that's where the traders set up shop. I had an amazing time - every 5 steps or so you were assulted with another wonderful smell.  We were there 3 hours and it was definitely not enough time - I could of easily spent a few more hours wandering around.  I held an ostrich egg, tasted sheeps cheese & ate boar jerky.  I tasted butter with sea salt (yum), pumpkin seed oil & marinated onions.  My favorites (which I bought) was white balsalmic vinegar (oh my - like a party in your mouth it's so good, oak roasted tomato's, mushroom pate & Lord London cheese.   We did a wine tasting - I liked the chardonnay-semillon (foxgrove).  We had fresh beef right off the grill  (melted in your mouth).  We had crusty bread, tons of different cheese & tried rows of olive oils.  Needless to say - I can't wait to go back! 

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