Nov 21, 2011

Rome, Italy

My 2nd international trip with my best friend, I have to say after Belgium we were feeling a little more confident.  We arrived by plane & had the hotel send a car to pick us up.  We were staying at the Residenza Frattina - a great hotel (fab continental breakfast), great location (no elevator).  When we made the reservation, we asked for a double room. When we walked into the room - it had a huge round bed in the middle.  The guy must of seen my face because he said - it's a double room, it's just round because of the shape/size of the room.  The room was big & sqaure - so I wasn't sure what that had to do with a round bed but he seemed to think that was explanation enough & left.  We busted up laughing - welcome to Italy!  Rome is a huge city, with an overwhelming amount of people. Public transportation is the quickest way to get around, that is if you can fit on the train, bus, trolly etc... We are standing on the platform, the train comes (it's full) & you are fighting the old lady next to you to get the last spot - I felt like I was in a Seinfeld episode.  The 1st couple times the old lady beat me but after a while I caught on. I pulled out some old basketball moves - I'd post up, throw some elbows & before I knew it I was on the train :)   We saw the Coliseum (stood where the gladiators had stood), St Peters Basilica (touched the tomb of St Peter) (they had some past Pope's on display (this was disturbing), Vatican (we sat in the Sisten Chapel for a long time, just soaking it all in), Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Trevi fountain, Palatine, Arch of Titus.   I wasn't impressed by the food with the exception of the gelato at San Crispino (no cones or toppings, just yummy gelato).  Seeing all these places in person was amazing - they just don't translate in pictures & videos. With that said - I don't know that I would want to go back, like I said the amount of people is overwhelming - I guess I'm just a small town girl at heart :)

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