Feb 7, 2011

a carpenter, a contractor & a painter walk into a bar....................

My realtor said I need to have the house repainted & the floor recarpeted in order to sell the house, so I call some folks to get bids.  Let me ask you a question - Do I look like I just fell off the apple cart?  Do I come across as a pushover?  I mean SERIOUSLY people - I am not paying 9,000.00 (no I didn't hit the 0 key to many times) for new carpet and 6000.00 for new paint - really.....does that come with specks of gold?   I may look sweet & innocent but contractors beware - inside I'm a smart, savy, independent women who will have you working for me just under cost & you'll be happy to have the work :)

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  1. You go girl, just like daddy taught ya,,, woo hoo