Feb 4, 2011

Perhaps a little something stronger than tea!

I just made reservations on British Airways to fly from Seattle to London.  We'll be traveling back & forth over the next few years, so  thought I would get frequent flyer numbers for myself and my children.

Easy enough, right?  I fill out a form & within seconds I get my frequent flyer number.  So, I fill out another one for Lauren & when I hit enter I get an error.  Person must be over 18 years of age, otherwise they have to go on a household account.  I call BA & ask, how do I get a household account?  They walk me thru it and 15 minutes later, I'm feeling good until she says "actually does your husband already have an account"?  To which I answer yes - well then, since he is the head of the household - he has to go into his account & invite all of you to be household members.

Okay let me understand, I can't get frequent flyer numbers for the girls unless my husband sends them an invitation to an email account they don't have - REALLY, SERIOUSLY!  Okay - so I hack into Johns account. I fill out the forms to invite myself & my girls. I use John's personal email addresses for the girls (thankfully he has more than one account) and I hit enter.  Now - I have to contact John (who's in London 8 hour time change) and ask him to forward me the email messages from BA. I fill out the forms & hit send.

At this point, you would think I'm done ah but contrare I get a message that tells me they are sending an email now, just respond & the account will be activiated.  I contact John again & have him send me the messages, respond & finally BA emails the frequent flyer numbers. 

I log into the girls BA account & change their email address to mine, I update their tickets to show their frequent flyer numbers and finally after 65 minutes of time I'll never get back - we are members of BA's household frequent flyer program.

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